CN Transgender Competitor Policy

CompNet tournaments were designed to promote a positive competitive culture of high-level Jiu-Jitsu, mutual respect, and sportsmanship. CN Tournaments have become the preferred competitive stage for Gracie Barra athletes of all ages and levels, all while keeping the athlete's safety as the highest priority.

CompNet was founded to nurture the competitive spirit of Gracie Barra through family-oriented and professionally organized tournaments. We do this by ensuring that all GB members have a fair, safe, and inclusive experience. Our events create competitive opportunities for all GB Members, meeting the needs of every level of Jiu-Jitsu athlete.

With all of this in mind, CompNet has long considered what its policy will be for transgender athletes. After careful consideration of our principles, core values, and focus on safety, and in consideration of the challenges transgender athletes face, the policy will be as follows:

  1. All athletes shall register and compete according to their gender assigned at birth.
  2. In the event, If possible, Organizers will attempt to accommodate in a bracket transgender athletes to compete.
  3. No exceptions will be made for official competition. However, if there is no official match available in a transgender division, and the transgender athlete does not wish to compete in the division according to their gender assigned at birth, the athlete can contact the tournament organizer to set up a consolation match with a willing competitor where possible.
  4. Any attempt to circumvent this policy will result in a suspension of the athlete from competing in any CompNet tournament for 1 year.

This policy seeks to provide a fair and safe environment for all athletes who compete in CompNet tournaments. If a match can not be found for a transgender athlete, then a refund may be requested, and a credit will be issued for future tournaments.