How to Prepare for my First Tournament

Joining the CompNet Global Jiu-Jitsu League

  1. Create Your Competitor Profile: Create your CompNet Competitor Profile at Your profile should be registered under your Gracie Barra School. 
  2. Notify your Instructor About Your Registration. Your profile may need to be approved and It is important for you to keep good communication with your school about your plans to compete.

Registering for a CompNet Tournament

  1. Choose the CompNet Tournament. With over 60 events every year, you can search for events in your region or worldwide at
  2. Register for the CompNet Tournament. Your registration will require choosing your age group, weight division, and ranking. You must select the age and rank you will be on the event day. You must meet the maximum weight limit using the full Gracie Barra uniform, including the Kimono, Rashguard, and belt.

Preparing for the Tournament

  1.  Prepare for the CompNet Tournament. One of the greatest benefits of competing lies in preparation. Reach out to your instructor to get tips and advice on how to prepare during the weeks leading up to the tournament. We highly recommend you use our free six weeks training plan template to help guide your training for the tournament. You can access this tool for free at
  2. Edit Your Registration: you can modify your registration, including your division, until the competitor correction deadline 5-7 days before the event. To make changes to your registration, you need to access your CompNet profile at
  3. Check The Tournament Schedule: the tournament brackets and schedule will be available a couple of days before the event. Once the brackets are published you can check the estimated time of your matches on your CompNet profile Keep in mind that the time is estimated. Plan to get to the event at least 2 hours before your scheduled time to compete.

Enjoying The Tournament Day

  1. Pack your Gear. It is recommended you bring two Kimonos and rashguards. Having a backup is useful if you decide to compete in the open division or if you have a tear in one of your Kimonos. Bring shoes or sandals and your Red GB Competition Team T-shirt for the team pictures.
  2. Bring a Photo ID (Adults and Masters Only). You will be required to show an ID with your name matching the name used to register for the tournament prior to your matches. 
  3. Add CompNet.Global to Your Phone. You can save your tournament page to your phone and follow the order of matches and schedule live. Having the information about the time of your match in your hands will help you make better decisions about when to warm up, hydrate, and stand by close to the bull-pen competitor's area.
  4. Be Ready 1 Hour Before. You must be at the tournament ready to compete 1 hour before your scheduled match. Look for ring coordinators wearing a jacket with a number matching the mat area you are set to compete in.
  5. Connect with your coach. Let your coach know when and in which mat area you are set to compete. As your match approaches, make sure to communicate with your coach so they can be there to coach you during the match. 
  6. Pictures & Videos. Follow CompNet on Instagram and check for pictures and videos of the event.