CN Regional 5 Contest

Each participating region will select 5 athletes, and two reserves, to compete for the regional trophy. The regional representative can select athletes from any category or belt. Only requirement, the athlete must be in a bracket with at least 3 athletes.

The points of these five competitors will accumulate to win the Regional Series trophy. It is important note that points in Regional 5 contests are awarded differently. This specific scoring system is designed to encourage teams to pick competitors in large brackets where they have the opportunity to score more points towards the Regional 5 contest.

Regional 5 Contest Scoring system

Each athlete will accumulate points for its region as follows:

  • ●  First place on the division: 9 points
  • ●  Second place on the division: 4 points
  • ●  Third place on the division: 1 pointsIn case two or more regions are tied with the same amount of points, the tie breaking system below will be applied:
  • ●  First Tie Breaking Criteria: Wins by submission
  • ●  Second Tie Breaking Criteria: Wins by Points or Referee DQ
  • ●  Third Tie Breaking Criteria: Wins by AdvantageBy the end of the contests, if 2 or more Regions are tied, the winner will be declared by draw.Compeititor must have a match to be awarded points. Byes, no shows, and W.O. (walk over) will not be awarded points.


2022 National USA Austin

1st place - TEXAS

2nd place - ARIZONA

3rd place - COLORADO

4th place - NEW MEXICO