Ranking information

The CN Global Jiu-Jitsu League was created to Nurture the Competitive Spirit of all GB team members, whether you are an athlete, coach, professor, school owner, regional leader, or spectator.

The CompNet Global Ranking brings a new level of excitement connecting all CN tournaments worldwide and unifying every Gracie Barra athlete in an exciting dispute for accumulating points throughout the season.

Since its inception, CompNet has been about deepening the bond between GB team members.  What better way to do that than through competing together toward a goal of becoming the best among us.  Through the supportive, yet highly competitive environment, athletes are sure to hone their Jiu-Jitsu skills as they train and prepare for each tournament throughout the season.


How ARE points awarded?

  • Gold Medal 9 points
  • Silver 4 points
  • Bronze 1 point

There is a tournament multiplier (weight) depending on the level of tournament:

  • CN Locals x1
  • CN Regionals x2
  • CN Nationals x3

Tie braking criteria

In case two or more athletes are tied in points, the tie bracking criteria will be applied in the following order:

  1. Most Wins;
  2. Most total medals;
  3. Most gold medals 

Examples of points calculation

Gold medal little champion one grey belt featherweight  at CN Winter Championship = 9 pts x 1 = 9pts

Silver medal adult brown belt Heavy Weight at CN Regional Championship = 4 pts x 2 =  8 pts

Gold medal adult brown belt Heavy Weight at CN National Championship = 9 pts x 3 = 27 pts

Ranking Rules and Restrictions

  • An athlete who wins a division by being alone in the bracket does not score points.
  • An athlete who wins by Walk Over (W.O) because the other competitors did not show up to compete does score points. 
  • Consolation matches do not score points towards the ranking. 
  • No-Gi Category does not score points in the ranking.
  • Absolute white belt does not score points in the ranking